Few more portraits

Perhaps, there will be few RenFair pictures coming down the pipe soon… but for now, couple of these from my studio.

KiWi Time in NY

Check these guys out over here

Some portraits

Some of the recent photographs

From California to New York. Day 2: Arizona and New Mexico

After the night spent in Flagstaff we started to head in the direction of our next state – New Mexico. But we couldn’t miss the tourist attraction – Meteor crater that hit the earth 50,000 years ago.

Check out the panorama view and few pictures on the way and in New Mexico. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything fun to see or take pictures off without leering too far away from our main route.

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From California to New York. Day 1: Arizona

If you think driving to Grand Canyon for 12 hours straight from San Francisco is not worth it, think again. There’s a reason it’s called Grand. Both me and my brother were in awe and absolutely amazed by this beauty. Just like someone said: “You take a huge mountain, rip it out insert it back into the ground top down and then take it out – you get the Grand Canyon”.

We got there around 6:30 pm and I spent about an hour putting images together for the timelapse (which I will put together and if comes out nicely, I’ll post as well, but later).

Some of the pictures from Arizona. Enjoy.

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